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Choco Puff

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A choco puff that looks like delicious chocolate in a jar, but the only difference is, it's a sugar scrub, made to exfoliate your lips making your lip moisturize, eliminate fine lines, and soften lips.

Made with Sugar, 100% raw honey, Coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, Grapeseed oil, Castor oil, Peppermint oil, and chocolate flavoring oil 

 How to use:
Step 1: Wet lips with lukewarm water
Step 2: Rub the lip scrub until you receive a good amount
Step 3: Rub lips in a circular motion until lips feel foliated
Step 4: Rinse the scrub off lips

This product is edible, made with safe, vegan, and cruelty-free 

Size: 20mL